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Touring the Gold Coast


Basically what I would do if I owned 400+ acres – create fields ringed with beautiful trees/forest and dotted with specimens. The views around each bend were top notch. TOP NOTCH.

The tree love continues here after a great day trip to the Gold Coast of Long Island. We hit up Old Westbury Gardens and Planting Fields Arboretum. The Arboretum was undoubtedly my favorite, although my friend, a fan of Great Gatsby, was more taken with Old Westbury. Baby B, who also came along for the ride didn’t express a preference towards either, but had mixed reviews about the traffic back into Manhattan. As did we all, B, as did we all.





Classic walled garden at Old Westbury


We hit peak rhodo time at Old Westbury which had some beautiful large specimens. The Arboretum had a lot too, and a wider variety, but not going to lie – Old Westbury sold me on their go big or go home philosophy.


The Arboretum had some beautiful dogwoods which you can sort of make out on the far left and dead center of this photo. The one in the middle had huge flowers with just a hint of blush on the tips. Lovely.



Great time of year for locust trees – their scent is incredible. Apparently the flowers can be used similar to elderflower and used to perfume cakes, etc.


Planting Fields had great greenhouses including this begonia house (of my dreams)!


For reference Uncle D




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