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Another day, another garden expedition. We didn’t know much about these gardens and as we pulled around the bend it immediately became evident we were in for quite a spectacle at the Steinhardt garden. There were camels and zebras to the left, guys in uniform directing traffic to the right and amazing views of acres of trees. Turns out the Steinhardt garden is 55 acres, with one of the largest private zoos in North America (albino wallabies are my new gold standard for private estates) and thousands of different plants and trees (350 kinds of maples over 7 acres alone). I’m actually glad we didn’t google this one before heading out – it made our experience that much more surreal. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, there were people everywhere and I think much of the garden probably doesn’t come into its own until the summer, but the maples were gorgeous and underplanted with all kinds of epimediums, hellebores, anemonella, and other woodland delights.

We also visited Page Dickey’s Duck Hill, which was a delightful inspiration for small scale gardeners (i.e. the other 99%). I loved the chicken coop and was happy to wander the woodland. I didn’t spend any time looking at the Broken Arrow nursery plants after I spotted some darling anemonella. JUST SAY NO.

I appreciate these owners opening their private gardens for view. Truly an amazing opportunity to ramble amongst their creations. P1060031

P1060055   P1060037










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