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Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes

Ginger invited me over to her place on Sunday to help make these. She’s getting married next year, and trying out cupcake recipes, and this was the inaugural cupcake.

Man- when Ginger does cupcakes, she is hardcore! I usually pick one type of special icing, or a fancy cake batter with a simple glaze. G’s cupcakes have salted caramel piped inside, and then a caramel swirled buttercream with chocolate shavings and caramel drizzle. That is one thing I love about this girl. Where other nutrition students declare their undying love for healthy food, she and I are stuffing cupcakes into our mouths with a mutual “no judgement” agreement.

Unfortunately, this buttercream recipe was a new one to the both of us, but I honestly thought it would work in theory. The icing was not a success texturally, but that definitely did not stop us from eating it by the spoonful when no one else was looking. Better luck next time!


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