Amy and Jess


  • Likes: flowers, farmers’ markets, cake, English gardens, buttered toast
  • Dislikes: hot weather, mushrooms, thrips, the smell of deep frying
  • Amy Sanderson Flowers


  • Likes: pastry, cherry blasters, the beach, libraries, knitting, singing, gadding about
  • Dislikes: messes, cinnamon hearts, indecision, never-ending University degrees, dry contact lenses

5 responses to “Amy and Jess

  1. Audrey

    You must add ranunculus to this list Amy!

  2. Great to find some time to drop by your blog Jess and Amy. Looking forward to coming back and finding more things like the last lovely post.

    • Amy

      Thanks Chas! I am hoping to get to a few more gardens around the city while everything is blooming. Wish me luck!

      • Make the most of spring – it’s such a wonderful season, but perhaps because it’s so transient, it’s slightly intangible. It seems that you can’t really ‘have a spring’ in the same way you can have summer and winter.

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