Spring is progressing here in Edmonton, albeit incredibly slowly. I’ve been heartened by the early flowers of scilla, crocuses and my beloved snowdrops (who are apparently so desperate they sprout bud first from the ground). Today I even found some violets blooming in the window well! Meanwhile inside I’ve started sowing trays of different flowers and gotten the dahlia tubers sprouting. Fast running out of room though. I’m hoping to plant out some of the sweet pea seedlings in the next two weeks which should help. May be too early but such is life.

In random perennial seed news I put everything that hasn’t germinated outside in a semi-shady spot in their plastic bags. Violets and aconitum have rewarded me with germination so far. We’ll see about the others… I’m also starting to face reality – I need to figure out where all these seedlings are going. Tomorrow’s project is potting up the garden auriculas and hellebores. Hopefully they will grow enough over the summer to be safely tucked into the garden in early fall. Although if you have any alternate growing suggestions I’m open to them!

I'm planting only Cream Beauty from now on

I’m planting only Cream Beauty from now on




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  1. Esther Kan

    Your cream beauty are so awesome!! Please send some over to Boston!!!