Introducing Amy Sanderson Flowers


So as you may have surmised, I am no longer New York-based. It was time for a change and while leaving has not been an easy decision (cue Coldplay), I think it will prove to be the right one. Of course, I moved partly so I could have my own garden again (October was full of much digging!) but also to explore other careers besides the one I went to school for.

To that end, over the last few weeks I have been putting together a website for my new floral design business based in Edmonton. I hope you take a minute to visit – you may recognize a few of the photos, but I put some new ones up on the blog there for you as well! I’m excited about the future, even knowing it will be full of hard work and learning from mistakes. Flowers and plants have my heart and nothing makes me happier than sharing that love with others.

I’m not going to abandon this blog right now – the winter is long and there are a number of recipes and links that will inevitably need to be shared. Plus I anticipate that there will be more gardening projects through the coming year! Who else is going to appreciate my attempts to germinate auriculas or force anemones? But I will take the opportunity now to say thank you for sticking with me through these last few years as I descended further into the depths of plant obsession. (Un)fortunately, despite an early focus on flour-related topics on this blog, flowers have come out on top. That being said, Jess and I are now back in the same city, regularly elbowing each other out of the way of the stand mixer and making questionable french pastries, so maybe I speak too soon!


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