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IMGP7304It was an especially good market morning this weekend, even if I did wake up late. I finally met Bernadette from River Garden Farm who grew most of these flowers. She does an amazing job – her flowers are always impeccable. Then as I was wandering off to the subway and juggling my bundles of flowers, Bill Cunningham took a picture of them all and stopped me to ask about the berries. I feel like this mix has his blessing.

Upon reporting of this story, my friend was quick to use it as a reason for me to stay. I hear what he’s saying – New York is where magical things happen. And they’re often magic because you realize it could have happened to hundreds or thousands of other people, but it didn’t. Somehow fate, and New York, conspired for you. Those moments make up for the everyday low-level hum of inconvenience. Look, I admit it, the very same magical day I also yelled at some tourists on the escalator in the Bleecker Street subway station (don’t stand two abreast when we can all see the train is RIGHT THERE). 

There are a dozen reasons for leaving and just as many to stay. But I want you to know, even as I begin to close things down here, there’s always a voice in the back of my head saying I can come back whenever I want. People do, for no reason at all.




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2 responses to “City Living

  1. cathy

    we will look for you and or your flowers in NY Times!!
    Bouquet is amazing…….

  2. Great photos Amy and thoughtful reflections on life in New York. Here’s to continuing magic .