Chanticleer in spring


Chanticleer must be one of the best gardens on the east coast in April/May, not that I’ve seen that many, but a second visit did nothing to disabuse me of the notion. It’s got spectacle, art, and enough rare plants that surely any visitor would be impressed. I was so happy to share it with family from Alberta – we share a similar shock to anything remotely spring-like and when confronted with Chanticleer I think we kind of shut down (some oaths were muttered is all I’m saying). Enjoy the photos Albertans (and Saskatchewanians) cause our “spring” ain’t never going to look like this.



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  1. Spring? I am not sure we are getting that this year. I am keeping my eyes open though. No blinking in case I may miss it. Was out in the garden today and there are little green buds pushing through the dirt. Hope…

    Fantastic pictures Amy.