all nature is your congratulation


Went back in time this weekend to Toronto, where only snowdrops are blooming. Compensated by hitting up the park for two hours after work. A frustrating day is no match for spring, thank god. A few cookies from Forno Cultura also didn’t hurt. Highly, HIGHLY recommend a visit to that bakery next time you’re in TO. Also the fish tacos from Seven Lives in Kensington Market.

Thinking about Aunty Shelley and the Island today. Imagining all the yellow magnolia trees I could grow there. Hope you’re enjoying spring on the best coast Shelley! Feel free to buy a spring flowering tree for (me) your garden!

Beautiful brownstone and Emily Thompson arrangements

More Emily Thompson

Interesting documentary on Vermeer

I feel like I could really get into Norwegian Slow TV

Fascinating article in Harpers on Quinoa

Also quite liked this article on some book collectors on the Upper West Side








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