Weekly links: Quarterly edition

Piet Oudolf documentary teaser from Thomas Piper on Vimeo.

I’ve been reading a lot about plants/garden design these days (currently reading Planting: A New Perspective which is EXCELLENT). My roommate regularly comes home to find me skimming plant catalogues – I’m so appreciative of specialty plant nurseries that post them online, even if they’re only glorified lists. Let’s just say that the Missouri Botanical Gardens website and I are becoming reeeeally familiar with one another.

The choices available make it less gut-wrenching to plan a semi-hardy garden. I’m not sure that I totally believe the zone designations listed, particularly because few nurseries are located in cold climates, but I’m still facing tough choices making a plant list of stuff that has a fighting chance of surviving a few years. Dreaming about plant choices, configurations, hedging, hardscaping; it’s been an incredibly pleasurable past time over the last month or two. Don’t worry though, my weekly gardening fundamentals class at NYBG ensures that I don’t forget the limitations of soil and pruning, and the importance of compost to making any dream a reality. It’s GROUNDING.

Yet, even with all this distraction, the annual hellebore lust has struck. Last year I thought my interest may be waning but once they began appearing in my instagram/facebook/rss feeds in January, plus for sale on all the specialty nurseries, I was quickly disabused of that notion. I’ll spare you this time, but know that nothing has changed, and once we are rid of this infernal slush I expect them to dominate any March posts here. If you happen to live in a suitable climate, please go purchase a yellow picotee one and send me pictures.

death by peanut butter and chocolate

beautiful photo shoot by Sarah and Nicolette of Little Flower School

Sticky Toffee Pudding

American plan designer Adam Woodruff

Steamed lemon puddings

Butter-toasted oatmeal (I think this should be its real name)

Still utterly fascinated by the Federal Twist garden

Sweet peas!

I made this upside down cranberry cake and my office mates devoured it



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