Trusting the pleasure


Lately, I’ve been trying the 9-5 work life. Usually the days are a little longer, although not as long as my friends’. It’s an adjustment. Whereas school made me feel like I was wholly removed from myself, now I just feel as if I’ve lost some important elements. Work forces me to be present, but doesn’t engage me. I’m not sure why it’s surprising that helping people doesn’t instantly make me feel fulfilled, I’ve always been inwardly focused.

My non-work life has had some nice moments in the last few weeks though. Thanksgiving was a success – relaxed and delicious, featuring essentially the same menu as last year. Smitten’s pumpkin pie is still ace. In between there were visits to Ample Hills, Alta, Ippudo, Motorino, and Harney and Sons – all delicious and recommended. Then my roommate and I hosted a holiday party for our friends and colleagues. It was an unexpectedly relaxed and happy gathering. My roommate had the party catered by Dos Toros which was a hit, and I made a tonne of dessert and festivized the apartment. Clearly Nanaimo bars haven’t quite made it across the border as pretty much every American (of which there were many) asked me about them in tones of shock and awe (SHOCK AND AWE I TELL YOU).

Lastly, one of my friends took me to a small Vampire Weekend show. Finally checked them off the list of bands to see live. They were fab and I was so, so happy to be there. One of the things that still makes NYC worth it. That and being surrounded by people who regularly read the NY Times (random segue I know, clearly all that reading has done little to improve my narrative flow). Last weekend we were all discussing crazy ants. I’m never going to Texas now… I hate ants so much.

Of course, this week everyone has been reading the five part series on a homeless family. NY Magazine also published a long article on landlords profiteering off the shelter system. And in October, the New Yorker published a long article focused on the shelter system and the Bloomberg administration’s questionable policy choices (at least that’s what I took from it). The bottom line is that homelessness in NYC is at one of the highest levels since the Great Depression. Living in this city is unsustainable for most people and it’s hard to see day after day.


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