Early Summer at the BBG and Wave Hill


My garden visits have dropped off since the semester ended, but I’ve made it to a few in the last few weeks. I met some friends at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to see the roses, and although it was just after a storm, the sheer number of roses was pretty impressive. Worth a trip to either the NYBG or BBG at this time of year.

I went up to Wave Hill yesterday and finally caught one of the free tours. Perhaps a bit more rambling than one would like, but interesting to get a bit more of the history and some more plant names. Summer plants don’t hold my attention quite the same way as their spring counterparts. Nonetheless, I found Salvia discolor, Stachys officinalis, Acanthus balcanicus, Kirengeshoma palmata, Aquilegia ‘Swallowtail’, Penstemon ‘Husker Red’, Magnolia macrophylla and a blooming Magnolia grandiflora (which smelled like heaven) quite diverting.

The last two posts on Ben Pentreath’s blog have been great. The latest is hipster sculptures and the one prior is on Poundbury (an experimental development based on Prince Charles’ design principles).

Auntie Shelley is always going on about her (admittedly quite beautiful) Hakone grass so I thought she might appreciate this post on propagating it

Raworth Garden

Kelly and I had a good visit a few weeks back. You can see her pretty flowers here!





We got a kick out of the elaborate kale garden at the BBG

We got a kick out of the elaborate kale garden at the BBG


Larkspur, shirley poppy, and Stachys officinalis at Wave Hill



Salvia discolor (it’s more silvery in person)



Bees always seem so happy in salvia. You should plant some. This one is Salvia verticillata ‘Purple Rain’.


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