Graduation Party, etc.


‘Without punishment, there is no law’

We hosted a graduation party last night. Made a great (and comparatively easy) lasagna and the Boston Cream Pie pictured above. I used this pudding recipe (it was ok?), this cake recipe (quick and pretty good) and a basic ganache made with Callebaut (BEST). All in all a wonderful night with friends, which we topped off by watching a sweet little indie movie, TiMER.

My family arrives tomorrow. I’m counting down the hours!


Birthday cake from Friday


Allium time!


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  1. cathy

    Why do you think we are really coming to see you… For your cakes !!!
    ( you probably will have had enough cake making and also may not want to add any spelt flour to your recipes! Ha Ha
    soooo exciting about seeing you and chillin’ with you in NY>