Late Spring/Early Summer at Wave Hill

P1040407I went back up to Wave Hill the other day to celebrate the end of exams and to see what was blooming. I am so curious about the individual plants that I have to consciously remind myself to look at the garden form itself. Yet, I think Wave Hill’s strength is not the garden design necessarily, but its plant collections. And of course its beautiful view of the Pallisades.

I find myself wandering more slowly through gardens these days, always on the lookout for unusual plants that catch my eye. Even as I recognize more and more plants, there seems to be an ever increasing number that I do not. My latin is hardly improving, but I am trying! I think the worst thing to come of this is I am increasingly opinionated. Is that even possible? More accurately, I am cultivating a hatred for plants other than petunias.

I’m sad spring has come to a close, but I’ve had a good run of garden visits. Thanks for putting up with all the pictures. At times this semester has been unbearably long, but now all I can remember is a haze of flowers, dinners with friends, the turquoise blue of Bermuda reefs, doughnuts, and a few great concerts.

In a return to the days of yore, I did quite a bit of baking with friends this afternoon, although nothing worth reporting in about. I also made some rhubarb fool yesterday and that was pretty satisfying. Hmm, might go sneak a spoonful right now…

Growing summer bulbs

Ariel views of an apple orchard = awesome

Nigel’s pork meatballs in broth

Roasted hazelnut cookies

Ginger coconut soup

Indoor water gardens

Ice cream flowers

A sweet video of Ariella Chezar arranging

Hour-long program on Prince Charles’ garden Highgrove

Short clip on Ninfa, a beautiful garden in an ancient Italian town

Col. Chris Hadfield’s version of Space Oddity

MUST GO TO THIS NEXT YEAR (need all the rare plants… for my nonexistent garden)

Looooooove the new Vampire Weekend album – Step is one of my fav songs





The terrace in front of the alpine house is now full of specimens



Acer shirasawanum ‘Aureum’



The last time we saw this view it was just a sea of glowing crocuses






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