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I have a cake in the oven and am procrastinating on the dishes, so I thought I would throw together my pictures from yesterday’s garden trip to Chanticleer and Longwood. Chanticleer was one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve been in. It floats you along through different spaces that are formed almost without you realizing it. The trees are just incredible and I cannot wait to go back in early summer when they’ve leafed out. As it is, we really couldn’t have timed a spring visit better as the cherries and magnolias were in full bloom. I highly, HIGHLY recommend a visit.

You can skip Longwood though. It was like going to Disneyland after Chanticleer. We didn’t even know what to do with ourselves except wander through the huge conservatory and then amble aimlessly back to the exit past the magnolias (and admittedly impressive fritillaria imperialis). I bought some really nice looking begonias though, so there’s that?

All of the photos are mine from Chanticleer. Sorry they aren’t better composed. I was sort of in a haze of joy. I recommend you all find amazing and gracious friends who take you on garden day trips for your birthday (complete with a stop in Philadelphia for a delicious dinner). I’m so lucky!

P.S. I’ll add more informative captions with plant names sometime this week.


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  1. Carol

    Garden sounds like a great experience — I heard a comment on the radio about a plant that smelled like skunk! Sounds like you may have made a birthday cake. Maybe we can have a elebration along with your grad? Hope Tues. is special for you. A very Happy & healthy year ahead . See you in May- hope studies go well . Love Gma.