Weekly Links: Snow storm!


Nothing like an East Coast snow storm to remind you how much better Alberta snow is. Can bad weather ever be non-apocalyptic here? NYC was spared this time luckily, especially because Kim is here visiting and 3 feet of snow would have seriously hampered our plans. And I admit, watching the students frolic around campus in it late Friday night was pretty heart-warming.

We had a good week. Mumford & Sons at Barclay’s Center on Wednesday (leaving was nightmarish but otherwise its pretty nice), Sleep No More on Friday (epic set design, so-so narrative), and Roberta’s for pizza on Saturday (with a pit-stop at Beurre & Sel for some cookies). We had this brussels sprouts dish with raw shaved sprouts, sunflower seeds, and pancetta in a buttermilk dressing, topped with toasted sprout leaves which was good. But the revelation was The Bee Sting pizza with soppressata, chili flakes, basil, mozzarella and… honey. Honey. Oh my god it was so good. We contemplated getting another one, but we’d already had waffles that morning so it seemed dangerous. Dad, you better get experimenting! I think you need a pretty runny honey and definitely use a very plain uncooked tomato sauce so that the honey is just complimenting and upping the sweet notes of the tomatoes and meat. Yum. We also picked up a loaf of bread while we were there and it had a solid crust on it.

Another epic surfing video

Fantastical Queens movie theatre

Carrot and sunchoke salad with buttermilk dressing

Hot yogurt and barley soup

Sarah Raven’s video on how to make a very British hand-tied bouquet (Did you know Sarah Raven is married to the grandson of Vita Sackville-West and they live part-time at Sissinghurst? Apparently the documentary following their overhaul of the garden is quite good.)


The poor trees and shrubs looked close to breaking with the weight of the snow. I’m sure the damage will become evident once it all melts.




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