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Snowdrops (Galanthus), one of my early spring favourites, are already blooming in the Conservatory Garden, along with spirea and some unidentified… cherry? (if I were to hazard a completely wild guess)

I am holding on for spring. In my last semester I want to cram in my favourite New York things but also curl up in my bed and never leave my apartment. I am impatiently waiting for my forced bulbs to bloom but already thinking of my house plants in the past tense. It’s a confusing time is what I’m saying. On the plus side, it is not -32 with windchill here…

Apparently the waffle club is turning into a supper club this semester. I suppose we were due for a shift. And perhaps the excesses of the holiday season have everyone tired of indulgence. (Plus I hear the Superbowl is this weekend.) Regardless, I made the Smitten squash galette again last Saturday and this Friday I’m making the brown butter mashed potatoes with tomato glazed meatloaf balls. Tried and true! It’s good to flex some different culinary muscles and prove I can make actual food (not that I do it for myself mind you). I actually haven’t even contemplated dessert yet. Maybe pudding… ooo maybe chocolate pudding pie. I could be into that. Or perhaps some apple dessert out of Nigel’s Ripe, which I am reading in tandem with another beautiful book on Chanticleer. Both have me dreaming of gardens… I will make it to Chanticleer this spring if it is the ONLY thing I do.

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Plans for building small movable homes on abandoned rail tracks


Make gnocchi with a piping bag! Genius.

A community greenhouse in Toronto – another superb idea




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