Weekly Links: December rush

IMG_1905It was tough to choose an appropriate opening post for this photo. It’s been a whirlwind since I last posted. The end of semester sprint, with extra visitors thrown in for fun! My fav Saskatchewan boys came for a few days and I sent them various places around the city, convening with them each night for dinner (still love Westville, but we also quite liked Dovetail). I think my biggest success was in giving them working directions to Red Hook (which they loved because they are my FAVOURITE boys from Saskatchewan) and then sent them to visit Dorie Greenspan at Beurre & Sel; the jammer they got me was appropriately buttery. We then followed it up with the Rodin Project at The Joyce.

I also sent them to the Ann Hamilton installation at the Park Avenue Armory (pictured above) and they loved it so much that when mom came to visit I dragged her there too. It was the BEST. Why are there not more giant swings in the world? Mom and I hung out for two hours.

Mom and I had a few days to hang around NYC after my exam so we used the time to visit all the Christmas markets open on the weekdays (Union Square, Bryant Park, Chelsea Market, Grand Central, random pop-ups) and eat really good pizza at Rubirosa. We also spotted a few celebrities, including, most exciting, Pauline Marois (the Premier of Quebec), who was in attendance for the opening night of Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal at The Joyce (they were fantastic, as always). More relevant to this website, we saw Deb of Smitten Kitchen at one of her book signings, although we couldn’t be bothered to stand around for several hours to get her signature. Still, she exists! And there’s a cute article on her in the NYTimes.

And now I’m back in the frozen North, baking with family and friends, whining about having to shovel and walk the dog in frigid temperatures, and enjoying having my parents cook for me. Recent recipes of note include Smitten Kitchen’s butternut squash galette (I used buttercup because the sweet, squash-loving boy at the market gave me a very convincing spiel), the maple walnut cake from Sky High (especially the maple cream cheese frosting), brown butter ginger cookies (with no filling) and speculoos buttons (add extra spice). Plus some nanaimo bars (always add extra vanilla to the middle layer!!). Much laughter has been had and I’m looking forward to seeing even more friends in the coming days. If you have any cookie suggestions, please do let me know!

Nicolette has the most beautiful new website. She’s been killing it on instagram lately too.

Saipua introduced their farm, Worlds End, formally on the web with a splash of gorgeous pictures.

Gingerbread meringues

Ottolenghi’s spice cookies

Gorgeous fall wedding inspiration

Jane Austen-esque wedding flowers (piiiiiink!)

Love the use of a tulip poplar flower in this bouquet

Time-lapse of Central Park in the fall

Snowshoe snow art

Time-lapse sky photography that looks like modern art


The last roses I’ll see for a while…


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  1. cathy

    Love the snowshoe art!!!!!
    Looking forward to Friday to work in my kitchen with two of my favorite cooks!