Thanksgiving (simplified)

Another thanksgiving come and gone. This year I was in charge of the turkey/stuffing/gravy and the pies (apple, pumpkin, banana cream), plus the flowers! Yay! It was a lot of baking/cooking in 24 hours but less cleaning because there were other people around to do that so I mostly just danced around and was fussy over everything. It was nice to have helpers and an appreciative audience. This year was so much less stress and so much more enjoyable – I felt comfortable doing what I wanted and decided to keep everything really simple (even as I moaned a little over texts from a friend celebrating his fancy fennel and sausage stuffing and brined 20 pounder). Last night we crashed and watched three rom-coms in a row. I spent most of that time contemplating this morning’s breakfast of leftovers, two courses obviously: gravy and pie. I think when all was said and done, I ate more for breakfast this morning than last night. AND I STILL FEEL AWESOME.

Good news, my pie crusts were better than last year. Bad news, my turkey was drier than last year. Oh well, such is life. You should really, really make the pumpkin pie recipe from Smitten and just bake the filling in a loaf pan. I also like how easy and delicious this bon appetit apple pie turned out.

It was nice to be out of the city for two days and enjoy food and good company. I’m grateful to be included so fully in an annual family celebration. I’m homesick for our own family traditions though and can’t wait for my December visitors and post-exam plans (including endless sheets of cookies).

I hope my American friends had a delicious and restful few days, and to my Canadian/international ones, all I can say is… CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!

‘Juliet’ David Austen roses, anemones, ranunculus, freesia and ivy (from the monster plant on my windowsill)



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2 responses to “Thanksgiving (simplified)

  1. The recipe I use is what we call Flying Turkey…
    No basting, simple as pie! The challenge is the 500F for the first 30 minutes, but it works!

    • Amy

      Hi Kelly! Thanks for the recipe. Mom and I have gone back and forth on the high heat but maybe we’ll try it again because previously we’ve also combined it with flipping the turkey, which is just a hassle. This seems much less fussy!