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Thanksgiving is the last hurrah before we have to buckle down for the end of the semester. The short days already herald the coming darkness. Oh well, it’s been a pretty great week and I’m looking forward to baking/cooking like a crazy person for the next two days, plus taking a trip to the flower market early tomorrow morning!

You should go see Chasing Ice if you have the chance. It’s a great film on dying glaciers with really simple climate science that you should deploy on all climate change skeptics (or worse, non-believers). The cinematography is gorgeous (as one would expect of a film shot in Iceland, Greenland and Alaska) and the exploration adds a bit of a thrill.

For all you Downton Abbey fans, rest easy, Matthew Crawley is quite good looking in person, especially from the front row in a matinee of The Heiress.

Once again though, the best part of the weekend was the waffles. Last weekend we had a pretty fabulous brunch complete with bacon and baked french cinnamon toast (awesome!) from the new Smitten cookbook, plus pumpkin and oat waffles. But this weekend I stripped it back to the standard recipe for some of my friends from undergrad who were in the city. It was so nice to be together and then hang out in Central Park and the High Line. Now that we’re all so far-flung, having more than one of them in the same place at the same time is a gift.

Finally, our bake sale was a small success and we raised just over $300. Not bad for a few evenings of baking. Plus two of my friends came over and helped cut out cookies and ice cupcakes; baking with people makes me happy. (More importantly, one shared a pancetta, white bean and chard pot pie with me. It was heaven. HEAVEN. Everything should come in pot pies.) In case you were wondering what the hits were at the sale (judging by the recipes my prof asked me for), they would be the peppermint cookies (always use peppermint extract) and the cupcakes with mocha frosting. However, people also snapped up two loaves worth of banana millet bread (used veg oil) and seemed surprised when it tasted good. That would be because I didn’t cut the sugar, although you definitely could, especially if your bananas are ripe.

Caramel treats Tim and I will be making at Christmas

A clever hut for shifting coast lines and rising seas

Cute cyclamen

Fun pie crust decorations (for pot pies? Or to distract from how terrible my pie crusts always are)

Bellocq tea house

Cool blog on motion (check out this post on an “interactive aluminum flower dome”)

A peachy wedding with amazing Australian flowers

Gorgeous (gorgeous!) June flowers



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    🙂 love reading

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    Looks like another sugar overdose!!!! …Tim