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Mom got me tickets to Once (the musical) this week. It was a real treat! Sweet and intimate and full of music. All the actors are musicians so the whole experience was really organic. I recommend it, as well as the movie it’s based on. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for days now.

The election was a relief but anticlimactic. No big changes (except more women in the Senate! And more marriage equality!) but maybe this will give Obama the confidence to really push for more drastic policies. We’ll see. One of my poli sci friends from undergrad is coming to NYC next weekend so I’m sure waffle brunch will feature much speculation.

Speaking of waffle brunches, this weekend I’m aiming to be more ambitious. I want to try some new recipes (baked french cinnamon toast?) and maybe use oat flour in a waffle batter. I blame the cold weather and approaching holiday season for my renewed interest in baking. I made those cheddar pinwheels from the smitten cookbook this week. Excellent, even though I subbed in half whole wheat pastry flour (it’s whole wheat pastry flour, so one really shouldn’t notice any difference right??). I also need to get my act together and prep for some baking nights for a charity bakesale we’re hosting. And figure out how I’m going to have 6 people baking in my tiny kitchen (with no island… sad days). I anticipate just pre-baking a lot of stuff instead and getting them to help package. I just want to include everyone! That’s why they call me “Amy the Cooperator!”

Epic photographs of melting glaciers (beauty AND climate change – my kind of post)

Dorie Greenspan’s food diary features a lot of cookies

Pumpkin graham loaf

Really into this song by Hannah Georgas and this cover of a Johnny Flynn song by Laura Marling

Fascinating article on vote-rigging in the American electoral system


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