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My thoughts keep straying to those nearby who are living in post-storm destruction. It’s surreal to be so close but be living an alternate, relatively unaffected reality. We drove through lower Manhattan tonight on our way to Brooklyn (I loooooove Brooklyn Farmacy so much). Still some places without power and the streets are basically empty. Very strange sight.

I haven’t been to check the park since the storm (they only opened it today), but I haven’t heard reports of extensive damage and certainly the state of our neighbourhood would suggest that it was no worse than any other large storm. Maybe the garden still looks like this; we took a walk over last Saturday to ensure we appreciated it once more before it was potentially wrecked by the storm. The mums have come into full flush.

Smitten Kitchen’s new cookbook arrived. I’m most tempted by the simplest things (most of the recipes are still more complicated than I have any interest in attempting these days… let’s face it, last week I managed to roast a tray of carrots, ate the whole thing for dinner with a few pieces of cheese for protein and counted that as a win because I actually had to chop things and wait for food to cook). Cheddar swirl buns (although… dough needs to rise. never mind), vinegar slaw with cucumbers and dill, buttered popcorn cookies, rhubarb hamantaschen, plum poppyseed muffins, and pancetta, white bean and chard pot pies.

Beautiful fall bouquet

Perfect gravy

Pumpkin fatayar

Love this geometric mobile

Beautiful wallpaper

Concord grape cornmeal cake

I spy… rogue quince blossoms, a stray nicotiana, fall roses.



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2 responses to “Weekly Links

  1. cathy

    yes, reading the daily updates from New York, I can see why your thoughts are with those who were most affected…

    love the wall paper..
    cornmeal cake looks delish.
    take care.
    Aunty Cathy

  2. Kelly Perry

    I LOVE Smitten Kitchen 🙂