Weekly Links: Conservatory Garden in the Fall

Last night we went to hear Hey Rosetta! (fronted by a very nice Newfoundlander) and The Jezabels. Both were fabulous live. Recommended. Plus, we went to Veselka beforehand so I got my pierogi fix!

I also made a late afternoon trip over to the Conservatory Garden the other day, because the garden actually looks fabulous right now. The cool weather is allowing the flowers to really proliferate.
Most of the photos are from there. Except for the few below, because I thought there also needed to be a few sky pictures. After all, cloud photography used to be a hobby… The first is from a quick trip I took to Montreal for Thanksgiving and the second is a view over the Gowanus Canal.

Great article on Cook’s Illustrated and its founder, Christopher Kimball

A sweet article with pictures of a farmer who grew the world’s largest onion, parsnip and beetroot, as well as the world’s heaviest potato. I just love the British gardening culture.

Baked oatmeal with roasted pears

A rain room at the Barbican

String gardens

Beautiful light bulbs

Martha’s new cooking show is actually educational?

Yeasted plum cake


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