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I’ve been reconnecting with my more assertive self this week. It’s been a surprise. Sometimes I feel like my mouth is divorced from my brain – my brain that for the past two years has avoided saying more than necessary in class/school activities.  In a strange way the return of frustrated sarcasm is making me feel more like myself. I guess that’s not a surprise to most of you.

This week I took an afternoon expedition to the Met to meet one of my Brooklyn-dwelling friends. He got chocolate peanut butter sandwich cookies that I made from Jess’ recipe. Other things that happened this week included receiving pictures from my second family, who held a photo shoot just so I could have a portrait of them all together. If anyone else wants to send me pictures that I can print to put up on my wall, you should feel free. It’s been fun to collect them.

The weeks seem both too long and too short but always busy. Hard to believe it’s almost Thanksgiving. Hope you’re all researching pumpkin recipes!

Fall crocuses

Lemon poppyseed pancakes Kimbean!

Uncle D – some annuals to try? Especially that Cuphea viscosissima. I also like the gaura massed. I planted it the herb garden for a few years to nice effect.

A hit of polyphony.

Saipua wears fall well

A simple apartment

A Lottie + Doof approved plum cake from Nigel Slater (Shaun don’t bother clicking. I know you already have two copies of this recipe.)

Lacombe farm maze is the largest QR code in the world. Good times.


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