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Last weekend I took a quick walk over to the Conservatory Garden. The late summer plantings are stunning right now. Spilling every which way in fiery colours. In contrast to the Highline, which is swathes of drying grass broken only occasionally by flowers. There were a few interesting flowering shrubs, and the roses that bloom continuously all year. Whatever kinds they are, I want them.

In other news, I made a chocolate walnut cinnamon cake. It was solid (the smell alone was worth it) but not something I would repeat (and you ONLY get recipes I’ll repeat, multiple times, so just trust them even if I don’t post pictures, ok, KIMBERLEY?). Also we stopped by Sullivan Street Bakery and had another Jim Lahey sighting. Dude is enthusiastic, gotta give him that. Plus he makes good bread. Sam’s comment of the day: “It really smells like bread in here. It’s overwhelming actually.” Obvious, but fair. Lahey’s method results in really flavourful bread and that’s imparted in the smell too. We aren’t used to it, which is a pity.

XKCD had a great comic this week, as well as column on what would hypothetically happen if a rainstorm dropped all its water in a single drop.

West Wing campaign ad! “No Will, it’s frivolous. It’s a frivolous crisis.”


Moment of zen

Japanese flower parks = the corn maze of the future?



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3 responses to “Weekly Links

  1. I haven’t been to the conservatory in years.. how silly of me, I hope I can make it there while everything is still so lovely! xx

    • Amy

      Well, I hope you can make it too! Especially because it would require a trip to New York City’s Central Park. 😉

  2. Carol

    Hi Amy Nice blog We are having a nice warm fall here – no frost yet! Tim is here again working in the yard for me. Grandpa is looking at a DVD of photos of the construction of his rowboat