Weekly Links: Zinnias

I follow a lot of British flower blogs, particularly the ones that try to use British grown flowers. They often arrange in a much more traditional manner and when I was trying to bunch the zinnias together on Saturday morning and kept getting frustrated, I decided to go with the tried and true fan look. I’m sure there’s a fancier name, and that I should have gone lighter on the top in my interpretation, but such is life.

I bought the zinnias, scabiosa and celosia from River Garden at the Union Square Market. They always have beautiful flowers, most of which I have a hard time buying because they’re usually varieties you could grow in your garden (except with more uniform, long stems and in huge, lush bundles). But some weeks the zinnias (or wild roses or scabiosa or columbines) call to me. Instant cheer. All one needs is a giant plum or one of the 5 varieties of pears that are just perfect right now and some sunshine and the day is made. Ah, fall… I’m sort of almost glad you’re back.

Not really though. I could have done without the school part, but it’s the last year so it’ll be fine. It’ll be fine.

Beautiful, beautiful bouquets

More UK photos from Brian Ferry – I love his light and the views he captures.

Sweet photos in blush

A New York wedding with Amy Merrick flowers

Pictures of a visit to Downton Abbey

Garden bouquet made with orange cosmos like the ones I found growing in a treewell by the girls’ apartment. A little too weedy-looking for growing in the garden, but fine when you just want them to take up space somewhere.

Great post on a photographer at the Paralympics

An essay on gardens by Rebecca Solnit: “I sometimes find myself telling the students that baby boomers in their youth famously had sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll, but the young now have gardens. Gardens are where they locate their idealism, their hope for a better world, and, more than hope, their realization of it on the small scale of a few dozen rows of corn and tomatoes and kale. Thought of just as means of producing food, the achievements of urban agriculture may be modest, but as means of producing understanding, community, social transformation, and catalytic action, they may be the opposite.”


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