Is ‘Green with Envy’ too tacky a title?

Visiting Vancouver Island is always an exercise in plant lust. Extreme plant lust. Oh, those Japanese anemones are just so invasive, my Aunt will say airily. Her friend has more Japanese maples in her yard than I can count. The dahlias are as tall as me with seemingly minimal care. And what’s that over there in the corner? Aw, an adorable, self-seeded baby cyclamen to bloom next to the fall crocuses. It’s painful seeing what others take for granted. Don’t get me wrong, winter can be nice and I really dislike the West Coast propensity towards heavy cloud cover, but sometimes all I want is some tender trees and a spectacular spring showing of ephemerals.

Never mind, I just ordered a bunch of bulbs for forcing so hopefully my fridge doesn’t kill them and I see some results in a few months. I got an amaryllis called ‘Zombie’ and some adorable little narcissi! I’ll let you know if I have any success. If not all you’ll get will be pictures of mom’s.

Aunty Shelley’s garden

Sharon’s cutting garden by the beach

Deb’s garden (with acers galore)

Crocrosmia at Pacific Sands

Shelley’s anemones (with sage underplanted)



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2 responses to “Is ‘Green with Envy’ too tacky a title?

  1. cathy

    Great to have you here this summer. Always great to have you and Tim working in the kitchen at the same time! I have been enjoying the blog “Just a Smidge” which I found from your above blogger

    • Amy

      I always like cooking in your kitchen, even if it is complete chaos! Now I just miss having someone cook for me… I have vegetables… why can’t they magic themselves into something delicious?