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Just when summer is starting to settle into a groove, it’s time for a shift. I’m not quite ready to leave my internship but that’s a good thing. It’s been quite a week. A delight of a summer weekend including, a ride on the, say it with me now, Free! Ikea! Ferry! to the Red Hook Ball Fields for papusas, a side trip for an Arnold Palmer slush, some perfectly cooked salmon kebabs from Jeff, and a fun outdoor dance party next to the Gowanus Canal. We had an intern party this week too and generally spent a lot of time chattering away to each other – work has definitely slowed to a crawl in August. I also won brownie points in the office again for bringing in the leftover trifle for everyone else. Keep it in mind – trifle is ALWAYS a crowd-pleaser.

I have enjoyed almost all of Michael Cunningham’s books so I’m excited one is finally being made into a movie – especially because it looks so epic

A wedding in a field of delphiniums with trailing white bouquets… yes.

Beautiful rings

Whiteboard paintings

Spending a lot of time jamming to new music by Purity Ring (from Edmonton!), Passion Pit, some minor noise, Baio, and Icona Pop


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