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A hazy post thunderstorm sky seen from my street.

I’m watching a strange movie called ‘Quiet City,’ recommended to me by my deskmate. Spending 8 hours next to a person leads to a lot of random conversations. Or maybe randomness is inherent in all conversations. Or maybe it’s more common in our generation because we’re raised on the internet and the internet can seem random (even though you actually have to put some work into finding “random” things). We were discussing how morning tv and talk shows have begun showing cat videos off youtube – bringing internet pop culture to people who are uncomfortable using the verb google, but in the process alienating anyone under the age of 30. Not that we were watching those things anyways. We just stream our favorite shows.

The scene I’m watching while writing this:

“I feel like coleslaw is not something that our generation really appreciates… as its own thing.”
“I get it for sides at restaurants all the time.”
“Ah yeah, but it’s a side. It’s been relegated to the side of other meals. But I’m telling you that sometimes I just eat coleslaw.”
“Like a salad of coleslaw?”
“Not like anything, just a big ol bowl of coleslaw. Good right?”
“More where that came from, so eat up.”

Listening to this movie makes me want to be silent more, but I actively enjoy chattering so that won’t happen. As long as I remember not to take myself seriously it’s ok right?

Good news, I got a new waffle iron. Testing is still ongoing. One thing learned this week: old fashioned oats do help make crispier waffles!

Homemade snickers bars

Ismene –  a fragrant summer-flowering bulb

A lovely English garden

Sweet corn biscuits – but looks like there may be a corn shortage because of severe drought in much of the US.

Another comment from the New Yorker considers how the current climate impacts on corn may indicate the likely impacts from climate change in the continental US in the future. – “It is now corn-sex season across the Midwest, and everything is not going well.”

Parks are good for depression (and your attention span?)

Lean with it


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