Too hot

Why does summer have to be so hot? I’ve been swimming 4 times this week already and we went to Rockaway beach yesterday and hopped in the ocean twice. I think about baking while I’m in my air-conditioned office and then as soon as I leave the will to do anything besides eat popsicles evaporates. On Monday I made fresh corn waffles with basil and chives (topped with fresh mozzarella, basil, cherry tomatoes and balsamic) but I didn’t love them. I still want to play more with cornmeal waffles but the recipe I used had too much pepper and I wasn’t a fan of the herbs.

Tonight’s post-swim treat was strawberries with elderflower syrup and cream. Delicious. I think I’ll have strawberries, mint and cream tomorrow – the mint straight from my windowsill. Plus the sweet plums – red, yellow and purple – are in season so I’ve been eating those by the handful as well. I’m a big fan of plums. People just need to exercise a bit more patience (they need to be squishy) and I think they would be better appreciated.

Another reason to like Obama: he gives people cake for their birthday

A song for hot summer nights

An ode to dianthus – Whenever I come across pictures of some of the British varieties, I’m always so impressed and jealous. The carnation family gets a bad rap sometimes from me, but there are some real gems.


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