Weekly Links: Union Square Market in Early Summer

The old woman selling these begonias wouldn’t let me buy the gorgeous specimen above because I couldn’t put it outside. FINE! Next week I’m going back and lying about my shady balcony.

I’d sort of gotten apathetic about making the trip down to Union Square every Saturday morning. My weekends have been thrown off by various events, it’s true, but I was also just lazy and disinterested in buying more apples and lettuce. This morning, however, was an absolute joy. I waited in the strawberry line, I found some delicious cherry tomatoes, new potatoes, carrots, peas! And bought a bouquet with roses and columbine that is sweetly perfuming the room. Everyone was in a good mood despite the cloudy weather, except for the grouchy begonia lady. Whatever, I’ll charm her next time.

Six ferry rides to take this summer! Yes!

A Saipua wedding with peonies and possibly some mountain laurel?? Whatever. I love it.


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