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This was a lost week. I just tried not to fall flat on my face and keep smiling until I made it off the subway and into bed at an incredibly early hour every night. I only survived because my mother left me a crazy amount of pre-portioned baked goods and salads and things. But I’m positively jubilant it’s Friday and we have 3 days off. IKEA trip tomorrow! And maybe some brunch in Red Hook? Unfortunately I also need to work on a paper… Bummer.

The last two posts from If You Can Make That You Can Make This cracked me up. From a recipe on Rhubarb Vodka: “It’s interesting to talk to Jon’s physicist colleagues, who often have a very different spin on things that happen in life. “Nobody wants to do local galaxies anymore,” they say in passing at parties.”

Columbines (Aquilegia) – These self-seeders seem to be in bloom in every garden right now. I’ve always loved their shape. They appear in perpetual motion.

Peonies = Yes. And yes. Always yes. YES.

Still crushing hard on Amy Merrick because she thinks nothing of combining nasturtiums with tree peonies. Also cascading bouquet!

Interesting shrub I found growing in Morningside: Sweet Shrub (Calycanthus)

Brown Butter Strawberry Cake

The Auriculas of Spitalfields“They are much more like pets than plants,” Patricia admitted to me as we stood in her greenhouse surrounded by seedlings,“because you have to look after them daily, feed them twice a week in the growing season, remove offshoots and repot them once a year. Yet they’re not hard to grow and it’s very relaxing, the perfect antidote to writing, because when you are stuck for an idea you can always tend your auriculas.”

Poppyseed Cake – because poppyseed cakes are appropriate in any season and for all occasions, right Aunty Cathy? Although, admittedly, this one is not made with whole wheat.


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  1. cathy

    a cup of poppy seeds… I am already in love with this cake…funny, as i read this latest blog I had my whole wheat poppy seed on my counter, waiting to be served tomorrow at Baba’s birthday party.