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The black locust trees are perfuming the streets around Morningside Park this week. I think I missed this period last year when I went home, so I’ve had several weeks worth of new blooming shrubs and trees to try and google. I really need to buy a fieldguide.

In other exciting news I’ve baked the season’s first strawberry rhubarb crumble, some thrown together chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter and chocolate cake! I’ll post the mocha cream cheese frosting next week. It’s pretty fab.

Exploring abandoned Ellis Island

Love these whimsical photo/art pieces from Alexandra Valenti

Bon Appetit did a series of Paris-related blog posts a week ago. Check out Dorie Greenspan’s pastry recommendations and shops that sell Bordier butter (which is legendary). I also love Pascal Bellevaire’s demi-sel croquant à la fleur de sel de Noirmoutier. La Grande Epicerie de Paris might have both.

In praise of the misunderstood quince!

Training a wisteria tree – Wisteria can be nasty stuff if you let it go so this seems like a safer way to incorporate it into the garden.

Knotweed cupcakes – I’ve spent quite a bit of my time in central park pulling up wisteria and knotweed so I was happy to see knotweed being used for something good.

Someone could buy me some of these botanical prints for Christmas?

Ingrid Michaelson’s a cappella cover of We Found Love

Who ever is in Vancouver next should check out the chocolate shop Beta 5.

Cool aerial photography

Smitten does ice cream sandwiches!

Phillip Oliver has been going through his favourite roses alphabetically. I really liked the B’s.

I’m hoping to check out Margaret Roach’s garden this Saturday. She has a lot of gorgeous plants such as this stylophorum diphyllum (celandine poppy).


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