One Whole Year

A year ago today, I moved to Calgary for my internship…and I had absolutely no intention of staying past my 40-week internship. I didn’t really know anything about Calgary, but I was sure that I belonged in Edmonton for the time being, with my family and my choir. However, as it stands, it is now week #52 here, and I’m looking for another apartment and willing to sign a year-long lease to stay here in Calgary…funny how life takes you by surprise. 

This city has managed to surprise me. I’m still discovering new places on my random walks around the city, like Central Memorial Park, Lougheed House, and street art in Mission. The weather lately has been wonderful, and I live in a fantastic apartment downtown, which is close to everything I could ever want. I just don’t feel that way about Edmonton anymore, though it will always hold a dear place in my heart. 

I’ve met some fantastic people here. My first roommates were hilarious, and we were always on the hunt for the best wing night deals in the Northwest. Through that group, I’ve been able to get some of the most competitive exchange rates in the city, and I have a new travel buddy for when I go to Mexico in the fall! 

My current roommate and I have had some awesome times together. Late night runs to Chicken on the Way, walks down 17th Ave just because, and our hilarious grocery shopping trips. Not to mention that when we stop living together, I’m going to go into withdrawal from having had access to all her wonderful baking things. 

My fellow interns have done wonders for me…but mostly they’ve listened to me through all the ups and downs of our last year together. Now that some of them have moved back up to Edmonton or gone to other places in Alberta for jobs, I miss them dearly. At the core, though, I still have a couple girls here who have given me so much support and I can’t ever thank them enough for their positivity and patience. 

Lastly…and probably most importantly, I’ve had the privilege of working with a great team at Charcut. They never cease to put a smile on my face, or notice when I’m having an “off-day”. They have been at the mercies of my force feeding, and they are truly all lovely people who I am lucky to have met. 

I suppose I’m in a bit of a sentimental mood today. Maybe that’s what being sick and having a fever will do to you…hah hah hah (cough cough cough). Gross. Since, for this month, I’m trying to follow a gluten-free vegetarian diet (as moral support for one of my best friends), I leave you with an Instagram photo of some deeeeeeelicious Gluten-Free Brownies I made a week ago. When I’m better, I’ll think of something better to share with you. 



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