Grow like tornado

Dear Jessica,

Another school year over. A full year since we started this blog. I’m not sure what to say here upon reflection. This blog is a positive space, something I look forward to taking a moment for each week. My weekly chance to tell you about my adventures around the city or in the kitchen, to show you what’s blooming, to nudge you in the direction of a fun link or two, to tell you about my latest garden-related dreams.

And it isthe time of year again where I start dreaming of all the things I could be planting in a garden. Wanting to garden in my 20s is problematic though. There’s this pull to keep moving, try new things, travel, live fully out in the world. But a real garden requires a home, a job (that’s stable and pays actual money), a plan for the future. And some days all those things feel impossibly far away and all I can do is go out and try to enjoy the moment. And yet living in the moment is so full of anxiety and uncertainty that I end up having to recuperate in various gardens around the city just to keep going. Which leads me right back to dreaming about my own.

I guess this blog is a reflection of some of my best and most frivolous moments and dreams this city has given me. I really do love it here. The freedom (and the weather) is amazing. But this is also a hard place, full of ambition and moving so fast. I keep tending all the soft, homely parts of my heart but sometimes I think I’d be better off if I just abandoned them. It would be so much easier if I could just stop wanting to do things that make me happy…

But such is life. As Nathan once said, via non clara! The way is not clear. I’m grateful to have friends and family that continue to put up with my whims. I had to chuckle when I opened my birthday presents from my friends here to find a collection of vases and a cake plate. I’m so unsubtle when it comes to my favourite things. And it’s been truly lovely to share them with all of our readers and you, darling Jessica.

I know that you’re feeling a bit out of your depth as well, but here’s to another a year! I hope we learn better coping mechanisms and figure out some sort of life plan, and that you finally come visit me!

Yours, as always,


P.S. It’s rose season again. One of my friends actually told me about the bush featured here. What a doozy.

P.P.S. Jonsi sustained me through exams, hence the title.


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