Spring Flowers and Raspberry Lemon Whipping Cream

I lived up to the name of this blog over the weekend; there were cakes and flowers galore. Above is a lemon yogurt cupcake with raspberry jam in the center and a topping of raspberry lemon whipping cream. The cupcakes were good but the winner is the multi-purpose whipping cream – it was delicious on waffles on Sunday morning too. After whipping the cream until it has thickened somewhat, beat in fresh lemon juice to taste (start with a few teaspoons) and a few heaping tablespoons of raspberry jam (I used seeded), plus a little sugar and vanilla. Bam! Deliciousness! Remember, whipping cream has a limited shelf life once topping your cupcakes so only ice those you will be eating within the next several hours. The whipping cream will keep a few days in the fridge in a sealed container (just stir before using to smooth out the texture).

The cupcake recipe, chosen by Jess, is from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes. You can find the recipe reprinted here. As with any egg white-based recipe there is a heightened risk that your cakes will fall, as mine did. Luckily, knowing my terrible history with egg whites, I filled the tins to the brim and no one noticed. I sliced the little cakes in half, filled them with jam and topped them with a heaping spoon of whipping cream. Just the right amount of fruity sweetness!

I also took another flower class yesterday with Nicolette Owen in celebration of a new book she collaborated on. The book is fantastic and the flower class was a good excuse to enjoy some cheerful spring blooms. This arrangement incorporates lilac, willow, spirea, ranunculus, narcissus, fritillaria, clematis, jasmine and parrot tulips. I admit that this is the second take. Taking a class restricts your time, space and focus and my arrangement just felt totally forced. But I brought everything home and incorporated some of the other flowers I had bought at the market on Saturday and everything loosened up. And in case you were wondering, yes, that lilac smells amazing.


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