Weekly Links: Central Park’s Conservatory Garden

Violet hill in Morningside Park

I spent a few hours in the park today, mostly in the Conservatory Garden. I love being able to return day after day and watch the growth. I must have walked various circuits of the south part over 5 times today. Finally, as I was taking some shots of fiddleheads and helebores some random guy came up to me and said “you know that there’s another part of the garden right? With tulips? That’s what everyone is taking pictures of.” I couldn’t help but laugh and gently tell him that I’ve been here several times a week for the past month and a half. I think one of the gardeners actually recognizes me now… There’s just so much to see in a garden like that, especially at this time of year. I try to soak up as much spring as possible in hopes that it will sustain me through the less exultant months to come.

Spring at Floret Flower Farm

Rosa sericea pteracantha

Conversation with photographer Brian Ferry

One of my favourites: Narcissus segovia


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