Weekly Links: Spring in Morningside Heights

In case it wasn’t clear, I’m completely preoccupied by spring. I regularly detour up extra sets of stairs or whole blocks to see my favourite magnolias, daffodil patches or frothy cherries. The callery pears are blooming along the boulevards as well – an extra treat on my walks to and from school!

An interesting combo of hellebores and succulents

Nicolette has a new book coming out!

Old school flower displays at Hampton Court

Brownie Brown Sugar Parfaits

Dancing in the dark

A long article from the New Yorker about fighting desertification with trees

Narcissus Golden Echo




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2 responses to “Weekly Links: Spring in Morningside Heights

  1. erbafloralstudio

    I would detour for magnolia too.

  2. Ryoma Sakamoto

    Is the news from Japan. What is a surprise.
    Have the same flower blooming in my garden.
    My house is coast SETONAIKAI.
    Mediterranean climate is the same as in Europe.
    It is very nice.