Walk away now

I took Sarah’s advice and hit the flower market this morning (finally!). Apparently Wednesday is the busiest day, and therefore has the best stuff. Pretty things abounded. I’m afraid when I ran into her I was kind of in a haze of indecision and just generally overwhelmed. When you don’t really have a reason to buy flowers, price is even more important. Do I really want those poppies enough to spend $50 on a bunch of 25 of them? Probably not. Or pay a ridiculous amount for some amazing sweetpeas? Haha. Who are we kidding. Also, I cursed not having a truck because there are so many branches I could be hauling home but am not. Such is life.

So I wandered for 30 min. before returning to my usual place and buying some muscari, tulips, and of course, ranunculus! I really wanted the sweetest little peachy coloured ones but they were way far out of my budget. SUCH IS LIFE. Go read another blog!




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2 responses to “Walk away now

  1. cathy

    so simple but so beautiful.
    like I said ….are you sure you don’t deliver?
    lets talk soon.