Weekly Links: Spring

It’s been a long week but at least the weather has been nice. I’ve spent a lot of time in the park, soaking in the sun. We also had a lovely dinner at Cafe Sabarsky in the Neue Galerie. The food is good, but the atmosphere is the real draw. Dining in a well appointed drawing room, with a huge urn of camellias blooming over the mantle and a sweet vase of primulas on the table, plus a sideboard filled with old fashioned delights such as plum cake, is a sure-fire way to beat the windy, damp nights of March.

I went to get a restorative chai latte yesterday afternoon and they were blasting The National. Several hours of Spotify later, I’ve found a few new favorite songs. Particularly Green Gloves, and the comparably quirky Wake Up Your Saints. It also reminded me of the great Q session they did last year. Rylan isn’t released anywhere I don’t think, but it’s a beauty.

New chocolate shop!

Shintaro Ohata’s sculptures popping out of paintings

Cute video about the history of Keep Calm, Carry On

Camellias! And more citrus. I love that iris slipped in with the ranunculus and narcissus.

For dad: How to grow carrots

States are banning factory farm whistleblowers – dislike

Poppies and Posies flower studio and some footed arrangements

A 1900s-era bulb show = a fabulous mish-mash of colors. Just imagine the smell of that conservatory…


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