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In the one afternoon it was sunny this week I spotted some crocuses on my walk through Morningside. I take any opportunity to cruise through and see what’s blooming. Currently snowdrops, daffs, crocuses, some glorious hellebores by the turtle pond, my favorite winter honeysuckles, and some yellow flowering tree that is possibly cornus mas? Not sure. I’ll have to take a closer look next time. Also, I spotted a new witchhazel!

We tried a new bakery this week – one known for its trifle. Like usual, I was disappointed. It wasn’t terrible but mine is definitely better. I’m still excited to try new places, but it’s usually only French pastry that leaves me impressed these days. I just want simple flavours, intense textures, and more than a few bites of it. Is that too much to ask? I wonder if I’m so critical because I live an otherwise drama free life and what would I talk about if I couldn’t complain about the sweetness of the pudding in my banana trifle? School I guess. Heaven forbid. Or climate change, I’m pretty fixated on that these days. Don’t get me started because it always ends in me muttering about doom. Speaking of doom, let us all hope Congress comes to its senses and gets rid of these ludicrous suggestions regarding contraceptives. It’s beyond offensive at this point. But enough. Have some links.

Kiwi popsicles sound good right now. Obviously it’s late.

Sweet pea growing tips!

More spring flowers. End of February/March bring so much goodness.

Green lentil soup

Pentatonix cover Gotye



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  1. cathy

    I must make that soup sooon!!!! Love the music video.