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Mmm ranunculus. I love them. But you knew that already. I bunched all those remaining from Amy’s bouquet with the hellebores to make a sweet little pastel coloured posy. It really is amazing how much longer the hellebores last straight off the plant. They’re showing minimal fatigue and we’re on to day 4. In related flower news, my amaryllis has bloomed dramatically, both buds at once with another 2 on the way. Hot pink with white streaks. The lighting is crummy today or I would have taken a picture (and my table is a total disaster… I need to clean).

I’m a bit at a loss for weekend activities. I need to slog through a bunch of work. And I just feel like napping. Maybe my body is taking this cold snap as a signal we’ve returned to winter?

Also, I’ll be in NYC this summer if anyone feels like visiting!

Floral goodness from Floret

This is the cutest lawn I have ever seen. EVER.

Serious hedge action in John Makepeace’s garden

Best layer cakes in NYC

Fieldwork, a beautiful floral studio in Portland (via frolic!)

People will pay over 700 pounds for a single yellow snowdrop bulb. But it is really pretty…

Helpful tips for forcing/displaying spring branches

Love the new delft blue viola

Also I can’t even link to it because it makes me weep with envy, but if anyone decides to spend two days in the kitchen, could you please, please, please make Smitten’s lasagna and invite me over (cough Jeff cough). Ok fine. I’ll link if it’ll convince you to make it. We can just buy the pasta, ok?


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  1. cathy

    Ahhhhhh…. Ranunculus…..I really need to make a trip to Artworks to see if the have some. I want a huge bundle of them..( I know I can be greedy).

    I want to go back to New York bakeries!!