Flower girl crushes

I’m either still high off of yesterday’s excitement or from the lingering scent of the sweet peas on my bedside table. Probably the former. I don’t think any of you took me seriously enough when I noted how pumped I was for floral adventuring this weekend – turns out I’m still struck by mad grins at the mere sight of my bouquets. Because they remind me of the opportunities I had yesterday to chat with Sarah, Nicolette and Amy (and her sister Micha) about flowers and gardens, and to watch them work. They’re my idols so I leave you to imagine the babbling fangirl I immediately turned into when they welcomed me into their little pop up shops. If every Valentine’s weekend can be half so wonderful I will be so lucky (I mean yesterday contained a hilarious waffle breakfast, raspberry sandwich cookies, beet cake and so many flowers so there’s a lot to work with).

For the curious, the top bouquet is by Amy Merrick and contains ranunculus, helebores (“Were you the one that emailed me about helebores once?” “Uhm, yes, yes that was me”), snapdragons, a calla lily, hydrangea, amaranth, chocolate cosmos and a rose. The second one is from Sarah of Saipua and features a gorgeous yellow icelandic poppy, fritillaria, sweet peas, ranunculus, astrantria, carnations, anemones, spirea, hardenbergia, eucalyptus annnnnd I think the red leaves are dodonaea? Sarah told me the name but I’ve already forgotten. My apologies for the suspect photography and lack of fancy vases, but trust me when I say that the flowers are so, so beautiful in person and I have been studying them for way too long now in hopes of absorbing their creators’ wisdom about colour and texture.

The last two shots are 1) an obligatory hipstamatic in-progress picture and 2) the poppy (and sweet peas) I’m keeping on my bedside table to get me through my readings. Flowers make reality significantly more bearable.

If anyone in NYC is reading this, you can still grab a bouquet from Sarah and Nicolette or Amy tomorrow (or just click the links to see what you’re missing, including one of my beet cupcakes!). Highly recommended.


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  1. Harriet

    Absolutely amazing. I particularly love the the feathery textures of Sarah’s. Thanks so much for sharing this!