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I love it when you stumble across answers. In our walk on the High Line a few weekends ago I kept commenting about the florescent orangey red bushes. After reading this NY Times article, I think it was probably Cornus sericea Cardinal, or if not that type specifically, at the very least a dogwood. Anyways, I’m pleased to have identified yet another shrub. I’ve been paying more attention to them as of late and this article has further justified that decision. I have discovered a few more winter honeysuckles around the neighbourhood, and the closest witch hazel I’ve mapped is still going strong. The daffs are definitely out in Morningside so on a sunny afternoon I’ll go take a few pictures. Also I saw this beautifully tangled white flowering quince today with just a few popped buds. It’s been cold the past few days so everything has slowed down a little. That’s actually a blessing because I’m not ready for spring to be over by March.

I am pretty excited for this weekend, I must say. Not only is there the Saipua/Nicolette Camille pop-up, but Amy Merrick is hosting one as well! SO MANY FLOWERS. Also we’re going to Pina 3D which looks totally awesome and I can’t wait. And wahhhffffllllessss. I have decided the secret to happiness is not eating dinner alone. It is, of course, a significant bonus when people actually cook for you. Having had two bonus nights this week, I am practically ecstatic. I like to think that I pay people back with random baking, but that’s probably a lie. The truth is I just have good friends. So don’t worry mom and dad, I got some salmon this week! Also penne alla vodka. It really was like being at home.

Small Stump and Studio Choo do spring simplicity the best

Wisteria tunnel

There’s not many links this week, sorry. Since I’m going to go finish the last of the chocolate pudding I made on Tuesday I leave you with my last piece of advice: Make your loved ones pudding for Valentines. Can’t go wrong. The recipe rec list contains a few links worth checking out.


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