Weekly Links and Some Hedges

I’m feeling passionate about hedging today (again, it’s amazing how often this happens to me). The latest Garden Design had a little piece on different forms and the spring edition of English Garden also had some lovely examples. All those herbaceous borders need some backing, folks. I can see myself getting into hedging because it’s a little bit of mix and match, but mostly just keeping things in geometric lines. I can do both those things. I just need to find some patience because my favorite hedges involve espalier and that is definitely not for the insta-gardener.

Yellow tulips make for cheerful wedding bouquets

Do not buy red roses for valentines. Or red carnations. Or gerberas. Buy something like these.

Saipua/Nicolette Camille pop-up in Manhattan! So very excited for this.

Someone else loves winter honeysuckle! Also witch hazel!

Mmm, more roses, poppies and anemones!

Some nice photos of my favorite flea markets in NYC

I have played this song by Rilo Kiley over 100 times in the last few days. GREAT SONG.

Experienced a range of feelings – from hilarity to melancholy – while watching a washing machine destroy itself


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