Recipes for Spring

Things are blooming here and I am excessively pleased! Snowdrops, daffs, flowering quince, spirea, witch hazel and hellebores have all been spotted. And my favorite winter honeysuckle has been flowering continuously since December – the scent is overwhelming right now. Spring in January is nothing to be scoffed at. And with my aunt and uncle visiting over the weekend, it was nice to finally have appreciative companions!

You may have noticed that I made that recipe recommendation list I was contemplating a few weeks ago (which you can access anytime from the header). It’s by no means complete and will serve as a reference for both the recipes we include on the site and others we like. In the meantime I welcome your suggestions for a few of your favorite internet recipes. I miss constantly being surrounded by a community of bakers/cooks so indulge me, please, and send some new challenges or old standbys that will force me into the kitchen.

Other things: for those of you in NYC, please go to Bien Cuit in Brooklyn. My maple yam danish on Saturday actually left me speechless for a bit. For those of you in Edmonton, go to Breadland Bakery on Fridays for some challah. Unquestionably the best I’ve ever tried. You should probably buy two loaves because you’ll eat a third of one on the way home.


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