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I’m sitting in bed with the heating pad, eating ice cream from the container. Is it the end of the week? No. Is it finals? No. I just really am this fantastic when I live alone. At least I’m listening to my radio boyfriend, although his music choices have been questionable. Lyrics from the last few songs have included “my pretty little prairie girl” and “why you wanna grow new leaves just to see ’em fall down.” Sometimes CanCon requirements suck.

The Shit ___ Say meme was old the first day they made that video but whatever, I still watched the New York one and I sadly lived up to parts of it, even if I’m not a true NYer (OR AM I?)

Yay! Food52’s annual cookbook tournament is back! Read Nigella Lawson’s review and then follow the whole tournament to see where you should spend your cash!

Dash of spring

Citrus salt recipe – having tried lemon salt and really liking it, I’m intrigued by this

Sweet little movie about the owner of a piano parts shop in Paris

Apartment with fabulous light fixtures

Ooo a book on pruning so we all can create our own lands of cone (or indulge my love affair with hedging)

Savoury cornmeal waffles with chives – worth a try? Or maybe blueberry bran is safer?


Pumpkin rugelach


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