Weekly Links: Brought to you by Nanaimo bars!

Coming home means daily dog walks (ok, almost daily, because the dog has a schedule and I like sleeping). Lots of pretty sunsets, and unfortunately, lots of ice instead of snow. Strange winter we’re having, for sure.

Baked a variety of things this week. An upside-down gingerbread apple cake from Smitten Kitchen which was delicious (even if we undercooked it and overfilled the pan), more maple pecan/walnut cookies, and my favourite: nanaimo bars with extra icing in the middle. The extra icing makes them, although Callebaut chocolate on top doesn’t hurt. Tomorrow: another peanut butter cake.

I was thinking, since I’m pretty terrible at providing actual recipes here, I might at least make a sidebar of recipes Jess and I have tried off the internet, so that you have an easy way to search our recommendations or find some quick dessert inspiration. We both bake weekly, generally off the internet, but don’t find it worth blogging about. This way, you can capitalize off our sugar addictions. But that’s a project for another day. And hopefully, you’ll be distracted by Jessica’s blog post about France. I know writing that will be her primary concern next week! (I jest, but if you’re reading this Jess, you do owe us a post on macarons and butter in the very near future)

Proper icing to base ratio for Nanaimo bars is 1:1

I love homes in old churches – cute renovated chapel

18th century flat in Barcelona

This ballerina has serious skills. Actually spinning on pointe on a guy’s head. Although I found it more impressive when she was on pointe on the guy’s bicep and he was spinning. POINT IS (ha) the video is jaw-dropping.

Adorable seaside engagement



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2 responses to “Weekly Links: Brought to you by Nanaimo bars!

  1. cathy

    The picture of your nanaimo bar will forever live in my heart!

  2. Derval

    The nanaimo bars are receiving rave reviews from my family! They didn’t last too long here