Weekly Links: Wishful Thinking for 2012

One of the local greenhouses is growing heart shaped cucumbers now. Delicious AND delightful! Just what I wish for 2012.

Wishful things for the first half of 2012:

– finally visit Bien Cuit for bread and croissants. This will also be part of working through NYT’s list of 10 best inexpensive places to eat. We’ve only done one so far – Best Pizza, which is, indeed, pretty close to the best!

– try more pizza places including Co., Di Fara, Roberta’s and Rubirosa’s

– see Death of a Salesman with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and the adorable Andrew Garfield

– find a new waffle recipe (I know at least one club member who would be excited for lemon poppyseed. Tangent: comments on waffle recipes are hilarious. Everyone discusses their substitutions made out of necessity/desperation and provide helpful suggestions like “would be best for folks who like cardamom” on the cardamom waffle recipe.)

– buy some really wild ranunculus and icelandic poppies at least twice

– learn more about growing sweet peas so that I’m prepared for my dream garden (by which I mean, read a lot of random British growers’ websites – inspired by this post)

spend less aimless time on the internet and read more books, even if they’re just about gardening (I’ve done ok this holiday on the novel front)

– go see a Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center concert

– take more photographs

– source za’atar and use it (like in pumpkin za’atar hummus)

– take advantage of living in NY because I sort of got lazy last semester

Anything you would suggest?

PS. Thanks to T for uploading the pictures I took on his camera for me!


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  1. cathy

    who’s cool abode were you at that had those cool cucumbers? ..LOL
    i like new recipes on your blog.
    make sure they have oats in them!!