Weekly Links (to cookie recipes and other miscellany)

Photos courtesy of my fellow NYC transplant (who owes me more Ikea ferry rides)

I hope everyone had a fab Christmas and consumed lots of cookies. To be honest, I’m a little of sick of them at the moment. I couldn’t even bring myself to bake up the last round of gingerbread dough that was hiding in the fridge – I just went over to my friends’ house and ate their lebkuchen instead. The family favorites are still these peppermint sandwich cookies from Canadian Living. We’ve been making them for 7 years now I think, long enough to cement their place in the annual roundup. And they were one of the few recipes that actually got made this year. I sort of fell down on the job and only made maple pecan cookies (yum!), plus the gingerbread, sugar cookies and peppermint sandwiches from the cookie parties. I’m sorry! I’m A TERRIBLE BAKER.

We mustered the energy to make bagels a few days ago. We’re not half bad at them now; but then again, the parental unit did cede complete control of the process to us when we were still in high school. Doesn’t stop us from getting in trouble though (or enduring some snarky comments about our technique). In our defense, it’s next to impossible to make them without getting flour and sesame seeds everywhere. Annnyways, all the parentals and siblings enjoyed them for lunch and everyone was merry. What more can you ask for?

Sausage gravy, that’s what. My cousin and I are whipping some up next week. I can’t wait!

Links – short because I took a break from my google reader feed and skipped over 1000 posts (basically everything unrelated to flowers)

Awwww. Zooey and JGL sing a little New Year’s duet! (as adorable as 500 Days of Summer)

Green lentil soup with curried brown butter sounds delicious

Scrunchy hanging light

75 Things NYers Talked About (I’m only guilty of 45 of them)


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